Facility Technical Information


Seating Type
Total 490 Designed and built in 1986 primarily as a Recital Hall with a mahogany interior finish.


  • Open Corner Thrust: The performance area is roughly 40’Wx40’Dx23’H
  • Wings: Only two, stage left & right with a Depth of 22ft and a width of 8ft.
  • Floor: The stage is a Harlequin sprung wooden floor
  • Walls: Yellow in color with concert hall mahogany acoustic diffusion reflectors affix.
  • Stage Cross-Over: Cross-over is achieved via a corridor which runs under the audience seating.


The load-in bay is located at the back of the hall and access to the stage is via stage right wing. Stage and street level are about the same. The door is 6ft.8ins x 5ft.9ins wide. There is a loading dock that allows trucks to load and unload at street level.

Stage Rigging

There is no fly tower or rigging system at the hall. However, there are a number of pulleys located at various points over the stage in the grid.


 There is no house curtain, scrim or masking in place. There is a black and a white velour traveler that covers the cyclorama wall. The Stage Right and Stage Left wings are created with burgundy velour curtain hanging from the grid which can be retracted.

Dressing Rooms

Star rooms:
Two private rooms at stage level designated Solo-1 and 2, each with its’ own toilet, shower, air-condition mirrors and phone.

Chorus rooms:
Three rooms designated dressing rooms 1, 2 and 3 accommodating approximately twenty persons each, with toilets, showers, air-conditions, mirrors and phones. Rooms 2 and 3 share the same rest rooms and showers. These rooms are located along the stage crossover corridor at stage level. Access to the dressing rooms may be obtained from the performers’ entrance on the south of the building. Although there are security officers in the building, personal property cannot be considered safe in dressing rooms. All occupants are responsible for their personal belongings.

House Lights

Cold-cathode fluorescent tubes controlled by six ETC Unison preset panels located in the sound & light booth, stage left and right. Foyer lobbies left and right.


There is a Clear Com single channel system throughout the building.

Paging & CCTV:

Paging to the Foyer, Backstage and Dressing Rooms are available. This system also carries a program feed to these areas. These areas are also served by CCTV carrying a colour view of the stage.


  • 1 - Steinway Model D 9’Concert Grand Piano. (Tuning cost payable by client) 
  • 60 - Black upholstered Orchestra chairs 
  • 5 - Three step standing chorale risers 
  • 1 - Conductors music stand 
  • 1 - Conductors Podium


  • 1 - In-Focus LP-850 Projector 4500 Lumens 
  • 1 - EIKI LC-XL100 Projector 5000 Lumens 
  • 1 - Front Projection Screen 9’ x 12’ 
  • 1 - Rear Projection Screen 9’ x 12’


 The facility has a no open flame policy. No screws or nails are allowed to be driven into any part of the building. The facility presently sub-contracts its crews from local production houses. House power is provided in both 110v and 220v. No laundry facilities are provided.

Stage Plan

Seating Layout

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